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Seat S.A. stands for the Sociedad Española de Automoviles de Turismo and is originally a Spanish car make. Seat was created in 1950.From 1986 onwards though, Seat is increasingly managed by Volkswagen. The latter initially acquired 51% of Seat shares. Between 1986 and 1990 that percentage increased to 99,99%.History of SeatThe first Seat was issued in 1953. It was manufactured in Barcelona and had a speed limit of 74.5 mph. As early as the 1950s Seat cooperated closely with the Italian manufacturer Fiat. This resulted in Seats being very similar to Fiats except for their make. In Spain the Fiat Panda 35 was sold under a Seat label but in the rest of Europe as Fiat.The first Seat-only model was produced in 1982 and the cooperation between Fiat and Seat ceased to exist two years later in 1984. The Seat Ibiza became the first independent Seat model. The independence of the company was short-lived however as Volkswagen acquired a majority of shares in 1986.Today Seats are sold in over 70 countries worldwide.
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