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History of the SPRINTER, looked at by

The Mercedes Sprinter is a minivan built by the German manufacturer Mercedes. The Sprinter is also used as a basis for several Volkswagen commercial vehicles including the the Volkswagen Crafter. The Mercedes Sprinter was first launched onto the European market in 1995 and so has been around for 13 years now. Despite its relatively long history, the second generation was only issued in 2006. The following year in 2007 it became the Van of the Year. Although marketed as professional vehicles, some variations are available for private users like the van conversions or the recreational vans for example. Nevertheless the Sprinter remains first and foremost a commercial vehicles which is used by a wide range of professionals including the police in Hong Kong or the emergency services in Scandinavia which use the vehicle as an ambulance.

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SPRINTER 2-t Bus (901, 902)
SPRINTER 2-t Platform/Chassis (901, 902)
SPRINTER 2-t Box (901, 902)
SPRINTER 3,5-t Platform/Chassis (906)
SPRINTER 3,5-t Bus (906)
SPRINTER 3,5-t Box (906)
SPRINTER 3-t Bus (903)
SPRINTER 3-t Bus (906)
SPRINTER 3-t Platform/Chassis (903)
SPRINTER 3-t Platform/Chassis (906)
SPRINTER 3-t Box (903)
SPRINTER 3-t Box (906)
SPRINTER 4,6-t Platform/Chassis (906)
SPRINTER 4,6-t Box (906)
SPRINTER 4-t Bus (904)
SPRINTER 4-t Platform/Chassis (904)
SPRINTER 4-t Box (904)
SPRINTER 5-t Platform/Chassis (906)
SPRINTER 5-t Box (906)
SPRINTER Dumptruck (905)
SPRINTER 5-t Platform/Chassis (905)
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