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The Hyundai Motor Company is a South-Korean car manufacturer. Together with Kia Motors, the company makes up the Hyundai Motor Group which was the world's fifth-largest car manufacturer in 2008.Hyundai in historyThe Hyundai Motor Company was created on the basis of the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company which was established in 1947. The first Hyundai to be issued was the Cortina. The Cortina was created in cooperation with Ford. After this first Hyundai model the company sought to build its own car without cooperation. For that it called in assistance from Britain. Some top car engineers were employed and together they built the Hyundai Pony. The Pony was in fact the first Korean car to be released.The Pony was exported to other parts of the world including Ecuador and the Benelux countries. In 1984 the Pony became available in Canada. The model was never exported to the United States due to non-compliance with emission standards. The next model, the Hyundai Excel however, was sold in the U.S as well though and thanks to its affordability was even nominated to feature on the Best Product list of Fortune Magazine.From the second half of the 1990s onwards, Hyundai really started to portray itself as an internationally selling company. The Hyundai Motor Group invested in quality, design and research to expand on an international level. Today Hyundai has six locations worldwide and employs about 75 000 people.
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