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History of the CR-V, looked at by

The Honda CR-V is a compact SUV which has been produced by Honda since 1995. The CR-V has been based on the Honda Civic. CR-V is short for "Compact Recreational Vehicle". The first CR-Vs were manufactured in Japan and in Swindon in the UK. Currenly plants in the US, Mexico and China have been added to that.
There are four generations of Honda CR-V. The first was made in Japan and had a unibody frame with double wishbone suspension. Due to some safety concerns with this first generation, especially in Europe rather drastic changes were made including to the bumper and the inclusion of an overdrive cancel button. The second generation was completely re-styled and based on the Civic. In addition some technical changes were mad as well including to the car's suspension. A new facelift was given with the introduction of the third generation. From this point on, the Honda CR-V was lower and wider. The spare wheel is no longer attached to the back either but put inside.
Over the years, more luxury features have been added including a panaramic glass roof, navigation system and sound system.

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